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Feb 18

Good morning, Father!
Thank you so much for helping me get my project almost done yesterday! Please help me to finish it up today, and guide me to the next step along that path. Please be with my husband today, and help him solve the troubles of his job this morning. Please be with my daughter, help her finish high school with passing grades and show us how to help her prepare for her life after graduation.

Ecclesiastes 11:5-6 ERV

You don’t know where the wind blows. And you don’t know how a baby grows in its mother’s womb. In the same way, you don’t know what God will do–and he makes everything happen.
So begin planting early in the morning, and don’t stop working until evening. You don’t know what might make you rich. Maybe everything you do will be successful.

Lord, I thank you for giving me a variety of things I can work on, giving me HOPE that I can one day get out of debt. But I know that all I can do is plant the seeds and water the gardens — it is YOU who brings the increase!

I Corinthians 3:7 KJV

So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase.

Father, I am destitute. I cannot even afford a cheesecake for my daughter’s birthday. You see me, how I do not spend money on things like jewelry and makeup and clothes, trying to make my outsides look good. I do, however, spend money on good-for-me-foods, and books, and some art supplies — trying to help my insides grow stronger. I ask you to chastise me for any foolish purchases I make, so I can learn and grow, and know that I am YOUR daughter (from the chastisement!). I ask you to show me anything else in my life that may be hindering your blessings. I open myself entirely and completely to you, asking you to point out my spots and cleanse them. Then, Lord, I ask you to bless me with enough income to get out of debt and get a car that can pass inspection and not make me afraid it is going to die on me. Please let my work touch other lives for you. Help me to comfort and encourage people. But please also let my work bless me back — a return for my labor, an escape from poverty for the first time in my life. Thank you, Lord! I trust you. You are Faithful, no matter what happens to little me!! 😀


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