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Oct 12

Good morning, Father!
Ah, it is actually GOOD to be awake during my “normal” internet hours of 2am to 8am again — even though it WAS very nice to sleep through the night 2 or 3 times this past week, LOL. Thank you, Lord, for helping me heal and grow a little bit each day, coughing less and less while meanwhile breaking FREE of the shame and despair that has bound me for so many years, essentially re-creating all my websites to make something I can finally be proud of AND make an income off! Thank you for making me to be an occasional mental athlete, able to pull off amazing feats sometimes, like converting one whole website in a DAY, like I did with yesterday — WOOT! Please help me maintain a good balance and a steady pace, continuing to work on the three sites I’ve already converted, while steadily moving forward on all the others. Please guide me each day, and help me to choose YOUR timing for things, rather than pushing myself too far, too fast. Show me how to do things YOUR way, faithful Shepherd. Amen.

Psalm 33 ERV

Rejoice in the LORD, good people! It is only right for good people to praise him. 
Play the lyre and praise the LORD. Play the ten-stringed harp for him. 
Sing a new song to him. Play it well and sing it loud! 
The LORD’S word is true, and he is faithful in everything he does. 
He loves goodness and justice. The LORD’S faithful love fills the earth. 
The LORD spoke the command, and the world was made. The breath from his mouth created everything in the heavens. 
He gathered together the water of the sea. He put the ocean in its place. 
Everyone on earth should fear and respect the LORD. All the people in the world should fear him, 
because when he speaks, things happen. And if he says, “Stop!”—then it stops. 
The LORD can ruin every decision the nations make. He can spoil all their plans. 
But the LORD’S decisions are good forever. His plans are good for generation after generation. 
Great blessings belong to those who have the LORD as their God! He chose them to be his own special people. 
The LORD looked down from heaven and saw all the people. 
From his high throne he looked down at all the people living on earth. 
He created every person’s mind, and he knows what each one is doing. 
A king is not saved by the power of his army. A soldier does not survive by his own great strength. 
Horses don’t really bring victory in war. Their strength cannot help you escape. 
The LORD watches over his followers, those who wait for him to show his faithful love. 
He saves them from death. He gives them strength when they are hungry. 
So we will wait for the LORD. He helps us and protects us. 
He makes us happy. We trust his holy name. 
LORD, we worship you, so show your great love for us. 

Lord, I delight in serving you! Help me to be patient during these various changes in my life, and to slow down enough to appreciate what I have at this very moment. Thank you for the beautiful weather, wonderful family moments filled with your Love, and awesome areas of growth. Thank you for the blessings you have given me, especially my awesome Mate and children, my sister who loves both you and me, and even her dog and her beautiful property here in Iowa. Thank you for my health, which is improving for sure, and my small income, which has potential to grow as well. Thank you for my love of learning, my excitement for exploring your creation, and my appreciation for beauty and for truth. Thank you for planting seeds of wisdom in me, Lord, and please help me to hold still under your Hand, remembering that without your touch, your mercy and grace, I would be nothing at all. Please help me stay humble and teachable and willing to do whatever you ask of me. Amen. 🙂


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