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Sep 18

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for the awesome silly fun and fellowship of this last day and this morning, and thank you for helping me make a good start on the current restructuring project! Thank you for keeping me balanced, not stressed. And thank you for helping me to recognize and accept my best friend’s assistance in my quest for balance, lol. Thank you for my amazing marriage — or Mateship as it seems instead (“more better”, haha!) — and thank you for allowing me this time with my sister, who is a good influence on me in several ways, and whom I have been blessed to be allowed to help in return. Thank you even for the dog that lives here, and the respect level each of us humans can have for him. He is so far only the third dog I have known that is blessed by our Creator in kind-of the same special unique way, and the first I’ve met that isn’t my own dog, lol. How cool to be able to see your Hand in my own life, Lord — but how much cool-ER to see it in the people and animals and places surrounding me!! Father, I give you this day, my time, my hands, my mind, my heart. I lift my business, my skills, my triumphs and disappointments all to you. Make of it all what you have designed and selected for me, faithful Shepherd. Thank you for choosing me, and giving me a chance to learn of you. Amen.

Ecclesiastes 6:7-12 ERV

People work and work to feed themselves, but they are never satisfied. 
In the same way a wise person is no better than a fool is. It is better to be a poor person who knows how to accept life as it is. 
It is better to be happy with what you have than to always want more and more. Always wanting more and more is useless. It is like trying to catch the wind. 
You are only what you were created to be—a human, and it is useless to argue about it.
People cannot argue with God about this because he is more powerful than they are, and a long argument will not change that fact. 
Who knows what is best for people during their short life on earth? Their life passes like a shadow. No one can tell them what will happen later. 

Lord, I thank you that YOU know what is best for me during this short life you’ve given me. And I thank you for helping me to yield beneath your Hand, accepting what you’ve provided, what you’ve chosen for me. It may not be very “comfortable” according to the standards of most Americans, for I have no actual place to call my “home” — and other such “normal” things like that — but I have YOU, your presence in my life at every moment, your Hand guiding me and your Breath strengthening me. And that is so much more than ENOUGH. I am amazed at your mercy, Lord. Please help me to be at least nearly this grateful and joyous during the days that I must suffer great pain or emotional anguish, Lord. I thank you for those days and your presence with me then, as much as I thank you for these comparatively pain-free days I am experiencing right now. Thank you for my positive outlook, and thank you also for my awesome family and friends. Please bless each of us in some special way that only YOU can, Lord God. Amen, and thank you. 😀


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