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Sep 9

Good morning, Father!
I thank you for this beautiful day, another chance to live close to you and learn more about you, about myself, about your people, about your creation. I thank you for peace and joy and the mental and physical energy to accomplish many things each day — even if it is never as much as what I’d like to have gotten done, lol. I thank you for patience — both my own and others’ patience with me and with my loved ones. I thank you for mercy and grace and the chance we each have to know and serve you. Thank you for your Word, for all the awesome things recorded with the written word, for the digital format that most books can be found in now, so that I have so many opportunities to read and learn and grow and even to be entertained. I thank you for one whole year without drinking a single drop of alcohol. Thank you for never allowing drink or anything else to destroy my relationship with you or with any of my loved ones. And I thank you for showing me how to have just as much fun, and achieve just as much relaxation, without ANY chemical substance. I thank you for making me FREE from all addictions except to you, to your Word, to learning and growth, and to my best friend and Mate, lol. Please help him feel better this day, heal us both entirely from this crazy off-and-on illness we’ve both had this week, and help us to move forward on the tasks we need to accomplish while my sister is gone on vacation. Guide us in how to make her return a giant blessing, making her own home more to her liking in ways that she can appreciate and enjoy. Thank you, Father, for making me feel like a blessed princess in your Kingdom! Amen.

Matthew 17:24-27 ERV

Jesus and his followers went to Capernaum. There the men who collect the two-drachma Temple tax came to Peter and asked, “Does your teacher pay the Temple tax?” 
Peter answered, “Yes, he does.” Peter went into the house where Jesus was. Before Peter could speak, Jesus said to him, “The kings on the earth get different kinds of taxes from people. But who are those who pay the taxes? Are they the king’s children? Or do other people pay the taxes? What do you think?” 
Peter answered, “The other people pay the taxes.” Jesus said, “Then the children of the king don’t have to pay taxes. 
But we don’t want to upset these tax collectors. So do this: Go to the lake and fish. After you catch the first fish, open its mouth. Inside its mouth you will find a four-drachma coin. Take that coin and give it to the tax collectors. That will pay the tax for you and me.”

Lord, I thank you that I am known for my faith rather than for cruelty, for cheerfulness rather than drama, and for being a thorough, hard worker rather than lazy. Please show me how I can help people to really realize that everything good in me is just a reflection of you, of your work in me, of your care for me ever since I was born and well before that, even. Thank you for my awesome Mate, my awesome children, and all the wonderful people whom I call my friends. Please bless each one of us with the closeness of your presence this day, the encouraging comfort of your Hand upon us. Thank you, beloved Shepherd. Amen.


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