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Sep 6

Good morning, Father!
Lord I am so grateful for so many things! Thank you for creating me just how I am, with an awesome ability to delight in simple learning, to get all excited by the amazing privilege of access to ebooks and endless sources of information, and ways to use it! Thank you for setting my life in this timeframe where I can use technology in such seemingly inexhaustible ways, with an abundance of “cubbyholes” in which to place all the delightful little tidbits of things I learn or find interesting, from my 2 dozen personal and private websites, to my ever-growing graphic design and production skills, to my physical means of artistic expression. Life seems limitless at the moment, growing ever closer to the image in my mind’s eye of being a Little Child exploring the Father’s Kingdom. Thank you, Shepherd, for leading me into the Valley of Delight!

James 2:19‭-‬24 AMPC

You believe that God is one; you do well. So do the demons believe and shudder [in terror and horror such as make a man’s hair stand on end and contract the surface of his skin]! Are you willing to be shown [proof], you foolish (unproductive, spiritually deficient) fellow, that faith apart from [good] works is inactive and ineffective and worthless? Was not our forefather Abraham [shown to be] justified (made acceptable to God) by [his] works when he brought to the altar as an offering his [own] son Isaac? [Gen. 22:1-14.] You see that [his] faith was cooperating with his works, and [his] faith was completed and reached its supreme expression [when he implemented it] by [good] works. And [so] the Scripture was fulfilled that says, Abraham believed in (adhered to, trusted in, and relied on) God, and this was accounted to him as righteousness (as conformity to God’s will in thought and deed), and he was called God’s friend. [Gen. 15:6; II Chron. 20:7; Isa. 41:8.] You see that a man is justified (pronounced righteous before God) through what he does and not alone through faith [through works of obedience as well as by what he believes].

Lord God, I have always considered you my friend, ever since I used to sing joyful little songs to you as the Creator and owner of all things, when I was a small, lonely, abused child. I hope it is not too big of me to consider you a friend, but in reality I feel quite small, tiny enough to fit completely inside your Hand, alongside all the other uncountable things you care for diligently. I do not feel special in any way myself, but rather quite fully admit and proclaim that any and ALL good in me or that happens to me — ALL “good and perfect gifts” like mentioned elsewhere in the book of James — are 100% due to YOU, as signs of your mercy, your grace, your goodness and faithful care. Lord, I feel so much gratitude and Love for you that it kinda scares me, like I am gonna explode or swell up too big to fit in this physical world! Lord, if I am so happy and full of delight and excitement here in this limited physical realm, then I cannot even imagine how literally mindblowing it will be to live with you in limitless eternity!!! I actually feel like I must shrink myself to fit here, Lord. Help me to be humble, and calm enough to not overwhelm or offend people. And please help me to SHARE my delight with people, as much as is possible. Teach me how to use all these awesome resources, how to help people in whatever ways you allow me to, Lord. I give to you my joy, my skills, my knowledge, my time, mySELF. Prune me and help me bear good fruit for you, my Lord. Amen.


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