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Sep 4

Good morning, Lord.
I still don’t feel so great, but I am GRATEful, lol. I thank you for my Mate, who also is feeling a bit “under the weather”. I pray that you make our BBQ today go well despite our low energy and achy bodies. I pray that you give each of my loved ones a good Labor Day today as well, although I don’t really have a way to communicate with them to wish them a happy day. At least I got to talk to each one of my children this past week, so all is well. 🙂 Thank you, Shepherd, for the beautiful closeness yesterday while I rested, feeling like you were as close as my own breath. That was awesome, and I can’t wait to come HOME some day. I pray you give me enough to keep me busy here, so that the waiting is nothing more than bittersweetness. Thank you for giving me YOU to look forward to, knowing that some day I can sit at your feet and never have to leave, never have to be distracted by this world, or by this body and its needs for food and shelter. Thank you for hope, and thank you for your awesome daily care of little me.

Romans 9:21 ERV

The one who makes the jar can make anything he wants. He uses the same clay to make different things. He might make one thing for special purposes and another for daily use. 

Today, Labor Day 2017, we celebrate the daily workers, the people in this nation who have humble, often unappreciated jobs. They may be poor (like me!) but they are very important, for they form the foundation of our society. Lord, I thank you for those little ones who work as unto you — and even those who work for a paycheck and nothing more. And even more so, I thank you for making me one of YOUR daily vessels, creating me as a slow and steady, consistent servant for you, without the distraction of big glory or notoriety. I much appreciate and prefer being a lowly vessel designed for your daily use. For it seems to me that it is our daily use items — our special pillow and blanket, our special drinking cup, our special hairbrush or toothbrush and all the other simple favorites that fill our days — that are closest to our hearts — or at LEAST receive the most moments of touch, lol. I am glad you have big and bold, beautiful and glorious showcase trophy servants on your wall, Father. But I also thank you for giving me a place among your lowly daily use servants. I thank you again for your closeness, your care, your mercy. Amen.


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