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I shall yet learn, and grow beyond the immaturity of adulthood. I shall again laugh, and learn the wisdom of a child.

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Aug 14

Hello, Lord!
Thank you for three days in a row begun by talking to my best friend and Mate, once for almost 2 hours and yesterday for over 3 hours straight, lol. And although today was short, I got a couple new pics by email, so I am feeling more in touch with him and ready to resume life together, hopefully within 72 hours or so. Please make the ground dry up so he can drive Mr. D. into his buddy’s backyard to retrieve our little camper, and please bless him with a safe trip north. Lord, you see all that is in us, all that is before us, all that we need. I ask that you make it work out so that my husband and my son can spend a little time together, in the halfway town where he is vacationing. It would truly bless my heart to see that happen, Lord, as I bet it would theirs as well. Thank you for all your provision and protection, Shepherd! 😀

Psalm 123 ERV

A song for going up to the Temple. Lord, I look up and pray to you. You sit as King in heaven. 
A slave looks to his master to provide what he needs, and a servant girl depends on the woman she serves. So we depend on the LORD our God, waiting for him to have mercy on us. 
LORD, be merciful to us, because we have been insulted much too long. 
We have had enough of the hateful words of those proud people who make fun of us and show us no respect.

Lord, we are truly waiting upon your mercy and your timing. I thank you for these extra days with my young nieces, and I thank you for your perfect timing with bringing my husband HOME to me, despite the fact that I have been impatient for it to happen for weeks, lol. Thank you for helping me to be as patient as possible, and not taking it into my own hands, forcing my own timing or my own will or even trying to influence the outcome. It is so much better this way, Lord, since you have been teaching me that I do NOT need to figure things out, I can just accept what is, and be joyous and light and FREE. Thank you for the freedom of our bodies, hearts, souls, and spirits, Lord God — for ALL those whom I love dearly. Thank you for providing for our freedom and our peace. Amen.


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