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I shall yet learn, and grow beyond the immaturity of adulthood. I shall again laugh, and learn the wisdom of a child.

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Aug 13

Hello, Father!
Thank you for healing and restoration of hope. Thank you for providing some very interesting timeframes, especially my son being in a town almost exactly halfway between myself and my husband, right along the path he must travel to get here. It will be very interesting to see what you have in store for the two of them, and for all of us, in the coming week and beyond. Father, my husband seems to have his heart set on bringing our little shell of a camper with him up here, and I ask you to bless him in his effort to do so. Please guide him and protect him as you so faithfully do for all your beloved children. Thank you for caring for us so kindly, Father. I trust you completely.

Psalm 27:1-5 ERV

A song of David. LORD, you are my Light and my Savior, so why should I be afraid of anyone? The LORD is where my life is safe, so I will be afraid of no one! 
Evil people might attack me. They might try to destroy my body. Yes, my enemies might attack me and try to destroy me, but they will stumble and fall. 
Even if an army surrounds me, I will not be afraid. Even if people attack me in war, I will trust in the Lord. 
I ask only one thing from the LORD. This is what I want most: Let me live in the LORD’S house all my life, enjoying the LORD’S beauty and spending time in his palace. 
He will protect me when I am in danger. He will hide me in his tent. He will take me up to his place of safety.

Lord, I thank you for being a safe refuge for your people. Thank you for being so longsuffering and patient with us, for we are so very imperfect! Thank you for your awesome mercy, without which we would all be doomed. I thank you especially for the mercy you have shown to both myself and my Mate throughout our lives, saving us from our own selves as well as others who have tried to destroy us. Thank you for protecting our lives, our hearts, our minds, our spirits, and our relationship for the almost 34 years we have known and been a part of each other. Please protect him as he prepares for his trip and as he makes his way north to me. Please protect my adventurous son on his bicycle, going new places and seeing new sights. Please plant seeds within him that will eventually blossom into a fruitful personal relationship with you, Oh Lord. There is simply nothing better that can be obtained in this life but to know you and be known of you. Thank you so much, faithful Shepherd! 🙂


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