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Aug 12

Lord, I thank you for profound insight and new understanding! Truly those were the darkest hours before the dawn, and you faithfully delivered me through them. Thank you for giving me something solid and stable to remind myself of, when things get hard. Thank you for giving me honor through YOU, and thank you for being the protector of my dignity. Thank you for your awesome loving care, without which life would be completely meaningless and even impossible. I delight in being your servant, Oh Lord. I look forward to seeing what is next, and in what timing you will establish this new season that seems about to begin.

Hosea 6 ERV

“Come, let’s go back to the LORD. He hurt us, but he will heal us. He wounded us, but he will put bandages on us. 
After two days he will bring us back to life. He will raise us up on the third day. Then we can live near him. 
Let’s learn about the LORD. Let’s try very hard to know him. We know he is coming, just as we know the dawn is coming. He will come to us like the rain, like the spring rain that waters the ground.” 
“Ephraim, what should I do with you? Judah, what should I do with you? Your faithfulness is like a morning mist. Your faithfulness is like the dew that goes away early in the morning. 
I used the prophets and made laws for the people. The people were killed at my command, but good things will come from those decisions. 
This is because I want faithful love, not sacrifice. I want people to know God, not to bring burnt offerings. 
But the people broke the agreement as Adam did. They were unfaithful to me in their country. 
Gilead is a city of people who do evil— people who have tricked and killed others. 
The priests are like gangs of robbers hiding and waiting on the road to attack someone. They murder people before they reach safety in Shechem. They do such evil things. 
I have seen a terrible thing in the nation of Israel. Ephraim was unfaithful to God. Israel is dirty with sin. 
Judah, there is also a time of harvest for you. It will happen when I bring my people back from captivity.

Lord, I thank you for being there with me, very close, very kind, while I struggled until dawn. I thank you for revealing myself to myself, a piece of your plan for me, a way in which I can bring you honor and be found pleasing in your sight — AND something beautiful that I can help to build, a jewel to be given to my best friend at the end, lol. Lord, help me to be faithful to your will, and not seek to protect myself. I yield my will to yours and ask YOU to protect me, as I know that you will. Please also be with my husband these last hours or days in Texas, show him what to do and give him courage to leave behind the things that he must. Again. I thank you for your faithfulness toward my Mate, setting him FREE in so many ways, as you also do with me and with all your servants. Please help each one of us to grow in wisdom and to lay our crazy human emotions and expectations into your loving hands, choosing your way over our own. Amen.


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