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Aug 3

Hello, Lord.
Thank you for this busy day, and thank you for keeping my husband and my children safe and peaceful. I haven’t had contact with my sons in almost a week, but I trust that you are taking excellent care of them, Father, thank you. The day is getting closer when my Mate arrives here in Iowa, and I thank you for that as well. Please watch over him, guide him in finishing all the tasks YOU want him to complete there in Texas, and when it is time, please bring him HOME to me safely. You know how badly we miss each other, Lord. I thank you for making us just how we are, crazy parts and all, lol.

Psalm 139:4-18 ERV

LORD, you know what I want to say, even before the words leave my mouth. 
You are all around me—in front of me and behind me. I feel your hand on my shoulder. 
I am amazed at what you know; it is too much for me to understand. 
Your Spirit is everywhere I go. I cannot escape your presence. 
If I go up to heaven, you will be there. If I go down to the place of death, you will be there. 
If I go east where the sun rises or go to live in the west beyond the sea, 
even there you will take my hand and lead me. Your strong right hand will protect me. 
Suppose I wanted to hide from you and said, “Surely the darkness will hide me. The day will change to night and cover me.” 
Even the darkness is not dark to you. The night is as bright as the day. Darkness and light are the same. 
You formed the way I think and feel. You put me together in my mother’s womb. 
I praise you because you made me in such a wonderful way. I know how amazing that was! 
You could see my bones grow as my body took shape, hidden in my mother’s womb. 
You could see my body grow each passing day. You listed all my parts, and not one of them was missing. 
Your thoughts are beyond my understanding. They cannot be measured! 
If I could count them, they would be more than all the grains of sand. But when I finished, I would have just begun. 


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