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Aug 1

Happy Birthday Month to my Mate! And to celebrate (actually, it was just God’s timing, lol), I have released our FIRST YouTube video ever… SimpleMan001: Playing with Fire! (shown below). WOOT! Thank you, Lord, for helping me create this awesome production:

Now, I know that someone out there somewhere may be thinking that God and rock and roll do not go together, and I do apologize for offending you, if I have. I cannot justify my actions and preferences any more than you can yours (we ALL fall short, so that we ALL need Christ!), but I can attempt to set you at ease by saying that the Spirit once convicted me, long years ago when my first child was a toddler. I was singing along to my heavy metal music, and the Spirit asked gently (my words/my interpretation:) “Daughter, would you give your voice to me?” My heart leaped for joy at His touch and I replied (inaudibly:) “Yes, my Lord, I will not lift my voice in song except in praise to you.” And for an entire decade and then some, I did just that. At first, I still listened to my hard rock, but would not sing to it. Then I stopped listening to all but Christian music for about a decade, then I allowed myself only some Def Leppard (quite mild, to my standards), then eventually over the course of a few years, I adopted several old and new bands including Nickelback, 3 Doors Down, Bad Company, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. There were several bands that I had never had exposure to, that sprung up in the 90s during the time I listened to ONLY Christian music. Two of those I particularly like now are Linkin Park and Creed. The latter gets a bad rap with both Christians and secular audiences. Secular listeners criticize the obviously God-fearing lyrics, while Christians criticize the heavy rock sound. I therefore have the deepest respect for frontman Scott Stapp, whom God placed in the fulcrum of this debate. Anyways, there ARE several bands that I cannot listen to at all, others that I can listen to all but a few songs, and some that I can tolerate only a song or two. Suffice it to say that when God returned “my music” to me after a decade of abstinence, I found that He had given it back with a good deal of sensitivity to the spirit (breath, pneuma) of each song, each artist — for which I am most grateful, but which also can be quite a curse at times. For example, Metallica used to be my most favorite band, enough that I could listen to them all day, every day, for months straight. And now I cannot tolerate them enough to even have ONE of their songs on my computer or MP3 players or anything. I try not to even hear their music, and my husband likewise has mercifully chosen to not listen to them. The push-pull thing is too painful, as well as too distracting. I am very grateful that my husband and I like the same music for the most part, with him enjoying more country than I do, although I tolerate it, lol. Besides, God gave me so much joy and such a built-in sense of rhythm — and such a profound appreciation for BASS!! — that I can enjoy almost any music, and usually end up dancing or bee-bopping to most of it, hahaha. Thank you, Lord, for music and for simple joys, simple truths, and my Simple Man. Forever after, August 1st will be “Simple Man Day”. I wonder what video will go up on that channel next… 😉

Psalm 81 ERV

To the director: On the gittith. One of Asaph’s songs. Be happy and sing to God, our strength. Shout with joy to the God of Jacob. 
Begin the music. Play the tambourines. Play the pleasant harps and lyres. 
Blow the ram’s horn at the time of the new moon and at the time of the full moon, when our festival begins. 

This is the law for the people of Israel. The God of Jacob gave the command. 
God made this agreement with Joseph’s people, when he led them out of Egypt. In a language we didn’t understand, God said, 
“I took the load from your shoulder. I let you drop the worker’s basket. 
When you were in trouble, you called for help, and I set you free. I was hidden in the storm clouds, and I answered you. I tested you by the water at Meribah.” Selah 
“My people, I am warning you. Israel, listen to me! 
Don’t worship any of the false gods that the foreigners worship. 
I, the LORD, am your God. I brought you out of Egypt. Israel, open your mouth, and I will feed you. 
“But my people did not listen to me. Israel did not obey me. 
So I let them go their own stubborn way and do whatever they wanted. 
If my people would listen to me and would live the way I want, 
then I would defeat their enemies. I would punish those who cause them trouble. 
Those who hate the LORD would shake with fear. They would be punished forever. 
I would give the best wheat to my people. I would give them the purest honey, until they were satisfied.” 


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