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Jul 29

Lord, I am having so much FUN with Adobe After Effects, and going into Audition and Illustrator and Photoshop to create new things and fine-tune what I have for my current project! Thank you so much for helping me absorb all the little puzzle pieces of knowledge in the last few months, and thank you for this “Click Day” when everything seems to be fitting together, clicking, snapping into place at last! It is so awesome to follow you my Shepherd, knowing you will give me exactly what I need, when I need it. How COOL to be led step-by-step in my creations by the Creator himself!! How encouraging to see you working on me, as I work on my very first video animations. I am sooooo excited to see what we will create together in the coming months and years!!

Hebrews 12:23-29 ERV

You have come to the meeting of God’s firstborn children. Their names are written in heaven. You have come to God, the judge of all people. And you have come to the spirits of good people who have been made perfect. 
You have come to Jesus—the one who brought the new agreement from God to his people. You have come to the sprinkled blood that tells us about better things than the blood of Abel. 
Be careful and don’t refuse to listen when God speaks. Those people refused to listen to him when he warned them on earth. And they did not escape. Now God is speaking from heaven. So now it will be worse for those who refuse to listen to him. 
When he spoke before, his voice shook the earth. But now he has promised, “Once again I will shake the earth, but I will also shake heaven.” 
The words “once again” clearly show us that everything that was created will be destroyed—that is, the things that can be shaken. And only what cannot be shaken will remain. 
So we should be thankful because we have a kingdom that cannot be shaken. And because we are thankful, we should worship God in a way that will please him. We should do this with respect and fear, 
because our God is like a fire that can destroy us.

Lord, please help me to always stay humble and teachable, ready to hear your Word and be led of your Spirit. Please be with my husband today as he finishes up the job he’s been working on these past few weeks. Please keep his body safe and his mind alert, and when it is time, bring him HOME safely. Please be with me this day as well, as I continue working on my first big video project, still learning as I go. Please help me to stay humble and teachable even in my work, so that I never feel useless pride but instead can point others to you, and help them in their own journey. Thank you for giving me a space in this age of technology — I love it! — but please also help me to always remain close to nature as well. Amen. 😀


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