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Jul 14

Good morning, Father!
How awesome to be sitting at a desk again! And even better — to hear the birds singing outside the OPEN window right NEXT to me, such an abundance of birds that I have yet to identify a few songs I’ve never heard before…! I have a couple hundred pics and videos of various old friends and new — catbirds and nuthatches, ash trees and sumacs, day lilies and catnip and some awesome blue wildflower that I have determined to be somewhat of a photogenic mascot — and I must get better pics ASAP while they are at their peak all over this place…! And there are two friendly horses (a horse and a pony, actually) right up the road, the Arabian being a friendly perky type that gets excited when I talk to her. She arches her graceful neck and does the Arabian-tail thingie that always looks so playful and spirited to me.


Romans 8:19-26 ERV

Everything that God made is waiting with excitement for the time when he will show the world who his children are. The whole world wants very much for that to happen. 
Everything God made was allowed to become like something that cannot fulfill its purpose. That was not its choice, but God made it happen with this hope in view: 
That the creation would be made free from ruin—that everything God made would have the same freedom and glory that belong to God’s children. 
We know that everything God made has been waiting until now in pain like a woman ready to give birth to a child. 
Not only the world, but we also have been waiting with pain inside us. We have the Spirit as the first part of God’s promise. So we are waiting for God to finish making us his own children. I mean we are waiting for our bodies to be made free. 
We were saved to have this hope. If we can see what we are waiting for, that is not really hope. People don’t hope for something they already have. 
But we are hoping for something we don’t have yet, and we are waiting for it patiently. 
Also, the Spirit helps us. We are very weak, but the Spirit helps us with our weakness. We don’t know how to pray as we should, but the Spirit himself speaks to God for us. He begs God for us, speaking to him with feelings too deep for words.

Lord, it is so very, very good to be back around nature again…!!! I feel at HOME here, able to go walking down the road at any time of the day or night; to wander after dark along the pastures, watching the lightshow put on by fireflies; to chatter quietly to my Creator, appreciating your miraculous creations everywhere I turn. Lord, I don’t know exactly WHY you made me so intensely aware of your creation and its groaning in anticipation of what WILL come — a more natural nature alluded to in the verses above. It seems like just one of the many ways in which I do not fit in with everyone else and the “normal” expectations of society. I don’t think I could ever value money and the things that it can buy like I do the the tiny moss, the stately oak, the curve of a swallow’s wing. Please teach me how to USE this Love you’ve planted in me, Father. Show me how I can share my strengths in a way that helps people, draws them closer to you or at least helps them achieve a heart made lighter with gratitude. Heal your people, Shepherd! 😀


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