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Jul 6

Lord, I thank you for my dear newly found sister who has been so faithfully helping me, encouraging me probably more than any human ever has. I thank you for my sister-in-law who has stepped in to help in any way they can. I thank you for the new peeps I’ve met in the last 24 hours, since I’ve struck out on my own. And I thank you for the countless tiny miracles you’ve provided along the way, while I’ve been walking these 11 miles so far, all around town. Thank you for my boots and backpacks. Thank for keeping my blisters small, lol. Thank you for the cooling rain yesterday evening, and the cooled buildings I can recover in, one of which provided me with some cooling honeydew melon!! Thank you for nature everywhere I walk, reminding me WHO is always in charge. Lord, I still trust you. I know that just as you can feed the birds in the city and make wildflowers to grow in every crack and crevice, you can provide a place and a way for me to thrive as well. I look forward to seeing how you move in my life in the coming days, Shepherd.

Hosea 3 ERV

Then the Lord said to me again, “Gomer has many lovers, but you must continue loving her. Do this because it is an example of the Lord’S love for Israel. He continues to love them, but they continue to turn to other gods, and they love to eat those raisin cakes. ” So I bought Gomer back for 6 ounces of silver and 9 bushels of barley. Then I told her, “You must stay at home with me for many days. You will not be like a prostitute. You will not have sexual relations with another man. I will be your husband.” In the same way the people of Israel will continue many days without a king or a leader. They will be without a sacrifice or a memorial stone. They will be without an ephod or a household god. After this, the people of Israel will come back and look for the Lord their God and for David their king. In the last days they will come to honor the Lord and his goodness.

Lord, I thank you for redeeming us, purchasing us and making us your own. I thank you for giving me this time without an earthly leader, so that I can focus on you and grow strong again. Father, I have been battered by shame my entire life, but you make all things new. I ask you to restore and renew the TEAM that is my Mate and myself, strengthen our joints and our bones, cleanse our unified flesh. Keep my husband strong and safe, draw him close and give him peace. And please provide a safe place for me to go for the next weeks or months, while he works on the camper and we grow stronger, separately together, lol. Amen.


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