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Jul 3

Okay, Lord, please come to our rescue once again. Life is so very uncomfortable right now, feeling desperate to live free and yet not make anyone else feel burdened! Lord, I do not know what the state of progress is at the moment, because I have no contact with my husband who has no phone and who may or may not be working on the camper in this heat. I only just want you to please protect him and keep him safe and bring him home safely. Lord, my heart is crushed that I spent over 2 weeks reaching out for help in this area, and have had NO calls or offers of help or materials or any leads whatsoever for a place to work on the camper. So it sits in a backyard with NO trees in sight, in a “hood” where only my husband is safe. I feel like giving up, and I am sure he does, too. I don’t understand this, Father, but I still trust you to provide for us. Help us to see what YOU want us to do, and help us to lay down all our distractions and expectations that are not in line with your will and purpose for us. Lead us and preserve us, faithful Shepherd. Amen.

Psalm 23 ERV

A song of David. The LORD is my shepherd. I will always have everything I need. 
He gives me green pastures to lie in. He leads me by calm pools of water. 
He restores my strength. He leads me on right paths to show that he is good. 
Even if I walk through a valley as dark as the grave, I will not be afraid of any danger, because you are with me. Your rod and staff comfort me. 
You prepared a meal for me in front of my enemies. You welcomed me as an honored guest. My cup is full and spilling over. 
Your goodness and mercy will be with me all my life, and I will live in the LORD’S house a long, long time. 

Father, you see all that is in me, all my strengths and weaknesses, my struggles and my triumphs, my worries and my faith. It pains me greatly that I do not know how or even where my husband is at this moment, this whole last 30+ hours, and I confess to you that at times it SEEMS like you have abandoned us. Lord, I lay my wounded heart at your feet, and I ask you to cover me with your Name instead. I choose to believe you, to believe in you, to trust you, and to accept your will for me. Help me to hear your Voice, help me to know and do your will, help me to remain humble and teachable and able to be used by you to help others. Nurture the fruit of faithfulness and patience in me, Lord. And please bring my husband home safely. Amen.


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