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Jun 28

Hello, Father!
Thank you so much for being so near, such a comfort and encouragement to me! Thank you for helping me stay so calm, just letting other’s anger pass right over me. Thank you for always providing me with a sweet spot, a place with shade and even a pleasant breeze, even when there isn’t any space or time to sit and rest. Thank you for encouraging me and sustaining me in so many countless ways, every day of my crazy life, Shepherd. Thank you for choosing me and making me yours.

1 Corinthians 12:7‭-‬11 ERV

Something from the Spirit can be seen in each person. The Spirit gives this to each one to help others. The Spirit gives one person the ability to speak with wisdom. And the same Spirit gives another person the ability to speak with knowledge. The same Spirit gives faith to one person and to another he gives gifts of healing. The Spirit gives to one person the power to do miracles, to another the ability to prophesy, and to another the ability to judge what is from the Spirit and what is not. The Spirit gives one person the ability to speak in different kinds of languages, and to another the ability to interpret those languages. One Spirit, the same Spirit, does all these things. The Spirit decides what to give each one.

Lord, I thank you for helping me see your Spirit not only in your people, but also in your other creations, from the tiniest moss to the grandest trees. I thank you for helping me absorb all the basics of PHP in a day, building upon knowledge and experience I already had. I thank you for the awesome personal vision I had yesterday, and I ask you to lead me forward in developing it according to your will and your purpose and in your timing. Father, you see my heart and all that is in it. You know what is best for both me and my husband. Part of me wants to “run away” and just live the college campus style of life for just as long as I possibly can. I seem to thrive here, walking back and forth to the library and other academic buildings, with my Lenny and the rest of my portable office on my back, easily blending into the atmosphere of study and learning which is about as natural to me as nature itself. I don’t think I will make it, going with my husband to work on the camper in that harsh environment. I do not see any place at all for me there. In fact, it feels almost suicidal to me, Lord! While I want to help my husband, this new possibility just seems impossible for ME. You see all that is in my heart, Lord. You know even the things I cannot express. And I trust you, Shepherd. You will keep my heart and mind and body and spirit safe. You will help me to be content in every situation, and to grow and learn almost every single day. Thank you for caring for little me, Father. Amen.


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