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Jun 14

Lord, as you know, today is the one year anniversary of the passing of my Tiny Friend, my constant companion of 12+ years. I still miss him, but I thank you for all the healing and all the wonderful memories and lessons learned. He will never be forgotten or replaced. Thank you so much for the blessing of his tiny self into my crazy life. Please help me to be as faithful as he was, to the end. And when the time comes, please let my passing be at least nearly as peaceful and GOOD as his was. Thank you again for the miracle of his life and his peaceful passing. Thank you, faithful Shepherd.

Jeremiah 34:5 ERV

You will die in a peaceful way. People made funeral fires to honor your ancestors, the kings who ruled before you became king. In the same way people will make a funeral fire to honor you. They will cry for you and sadly say, “Oh, my master!” I myself make this promise to you.'” This message is from the LORD.

I may not be a king, and may not get a funeral fire with celebration and mourning, but Lord I do ask that you allow me to be burned rather than buried — just as I gave to my Tiny Friend. And I ask for peaceful nonviolent deaths for myself and my loved ones. My heart has ached so badly even in the last day that a part of me wishes desperately that my death would be NOW, but I know I must endure and remain faithful until YOU decide it is time to come Home. Lord, I thank you for my temporary tiny friend today — the little mother squirrel that I hand-fed and interacted with for about a half hour this morning, in front of the library. I thank you for the pure dates and nuts treat that I had stashed in my bag, so I could share something with her that was nourishing and would be appreciated by both her and her young ones that she is obviously nursing still. Thank you for the opportunities I have had to witness to others and share your Love with them in tiny small ways. Thank you for your constant protection and nurturing care. Thank you for pruning me, no matter how painful it is at the time. Thank you for caring enough for me to allow me to suffer for your will and purpose and glory and honor. Thank you for choosing me, and thank you for sustaining me. Thank you for being my ever-faithful Shepherd and eternal Husband. Do unto me as you will, my Lord. Amen.


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