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Jun 9

Lord, I do not feel so great today. I am not sure how much is physical, how much is emotional, and how much might even be some type of spiritual attack. I have moments where I feel pretty normal, others that I want to cry for three days straight, and others where I just want desperately to sleep or even to sit in a comfortable place. I thank you for all the blessings I have, and I ask you to help me to appreciate them more, rather than feeling my aches and other discomforts so keenly. Help me to get distracted and encouraged by some project, despite having this crazy dizziness and headache and crabby lack of sleep feeling. I know that you are the mover of men’s hearts, Lord. I trust you to move me in the direction I need to go, in order to accomplish your will and purpose for me. I yield my will to you and I thank you for being my Shepherd. Amen.

Hebrews 6:16-20 ERV

People always use the name of someone greater than themselves to make a promise with an oath. The oath proves that what they say is true, and there is no more arguing about it. 
God wanted to prove that his promise was true. He wanted to prove this to those who would get what he promised. He wanted them to understand clearly that his purposes never change. So God said something would happen, and he proved what he said by adding an oath. 
These two things cannot change: God cannot lie when he says something, and he cannot lie when he makes an oath. So these two things are a great help to us who have come to God for safety. They encourage us to hold on to the hope that is ours. 
This hope is like an anchor for us. It is strong and sure and keeps us safe. It goes behind the curtain. 
Jesus has already entered there and opened the way for us. He has become the high priest forever, just like Melchizedek. 

Lord, I thank you for being my sure and stable anchor, holding me safely to the Rock that is my refuge and my hope. Please help me to just float here peacefully, attached to you, willing to do all that you give me, but finding it rather difficult to just WAIT with no instructions. Father, I yield my will and my expectations and my timing to you. Help me to accept your timing like your little handmaiden Acceptance with Joy. Please guide me in how to spend my time, what to accomplish even if it is just REST. Prepare me and teach me and guide me forward, faithful Shepherd. And please give special birthday blessings to my oldest son who turns 28 today! Thank you for giving him a new place to live, and please prepare him for whatever you have coming for him. Please send him an awesome woman, a good woman with a heart after you, Lord God. Bring my shepherd son an awesome mate. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 🙂


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