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Jun 8

Hello, Father.
Thank you for my husband’s new glasses — and so quickly and so much better than the old ones! Please keep these ones safe and please alert one or both of us to their possible danger or disappearance, whenever it may occur in the future. Please guide us in the next step forward, and thank you so much for speaking to us individually and together, guiding us and teaching us so much already! Thank you for giving me a preparatory project to work on, gathering resources which I can use without internet access, enabling me to start creating a storehouse of my own digital designs to show to potential clients. Please bless my efforts, help me to ignore the tangents and pulls of my own mind, and to follow instead YOUR leading, Lord. Guide both myself and my husband in ways that you have for us to make money, or to trade skills for things we need. Amen!

Isaiah 43:1-12 ERV

Jacob, the LORD created you. Israel, he made you, and now he says, “Don’t be afraid. I saved you. I named you. You are mine. 
When you have troubles, I am with you. When you cross rivers, you will not be hurt. When you walk through fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not hurt you. 
That’s because I, the LORD, am your God. I, the Holy One of Israel, am your Savior. I gave Egypt to pay for you. I gave Ethiopia and Seba to make you mine. 
You are precious to me, and I have given you a special place of honor. I love you. That’s why I am willing to trade others, to give up whole nations, to save your life. 
“So don’t be afraid, because I am with you. I will gather your children and bring them to you. I will gather them from the east and from the west. 
I will tell the north: Give my people to me. I will tell the south: Don’t keep my people in prison. Bring my sons and daughters to me from the faraway places. 
Bring to me all the people who are mine—the people who have my name. I made them for myself. I made them, and they are mine. 
“Bring out the people who have eyes but are blind. Bring out the people who have ears but are deaf. 
All people and all nations should also be gathered together. Which of their gods said this would happen? Which of their gods would tell what happened in the beginning? They should bring their witnesses. The witnesses should speak the truth. This will show they are right.” 
The LORD says, “You people are my witnesses and the servant I chose. I chose you so that you would help people believe me. I chose you so that you would understand that ‘I Am He’—I am the true God. There was no God before me, and there will be no God after me. 
I myself am the LORD, and there is no other Savior. 
I am the one who spoke to you, saved you, and told you those things. It was not some stranger who was with you. You are my witnesses, and I am God.” (This is what the LORD himself said.) 

Lord, I so enjoy this passage that shows your tremendous love for your chosen people, your dedication and willingness to care for us and even give whole other nations up, for us. How amazing and humbling!! I have highlighted my favorite part — something I might possibly do in return for your Love, how to USE it — to help other people believe you, put their trust in your faithful care. I pray that you empower me to do that, through my words, through my actions, through your Love in all the ways it flows out from me. Please continue to cleanse me so that I may more clearly reflect your Love to others, and help them. Thank you, faithful Shepherd.


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