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Feb 10

Good morning, Father!
Thank you so much for helping me through the shot and the stomach pains yesterday, and helping my husband through his looooong day! Please help him to complete his work quickly this morning, and guide him in finding the last tool he needs to do his work. Please continue to heal up my system, and guide me to the right foods and such to make it even better! 😀 Lord, I ask you to be with my daughter today, help her hormones and emotions level back out, and help her to concentrate on her schoolwork and not be so lonely. My children have such good warm hearts, Lord, and I thank you for that! I know I can trust you to care for them and provide them with the socialization and comfort they need to be strong in how you’ve made them. Thank you, Creator and Sustainer!

Psalm 55:16-18, 22 ERV

I will call to God for help, and the LORD will save me.
I speak to God morning, noon, and night. I tell him what upsets me, and he listens to me!
I have fought in many battles, but he has always rescued me and brought me back safely.
Give your worries to the LORD, and he will care for you. He will never let those who are good be defeated.

Lord, it is such a privilege to know you, and to know that I can give my worries to you, and you will care for me! What a relief! I do speak to you morning, noon, and night, and you do comfort me. Thank you for teaching me that even when I do not actually FEEL your love and care, I can still count on it. Just like when I had bad days when my children were young, and didn’t always give them warm and constant feedback, yet I was still looking out for them, still caring for them, and always, always loving them! Thank you for making us in your image, Elohim, and thank you for continuously growing my heart to hold more of your love! Please likewise bless my husband and my children accordingly, working in them with the same diligence that you have worked with me, even since I was being formed in the womb. I delight in belonging to you, Mighty One! 😀


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