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Feb 8

Good morning, Father!
Thank you so much for being near me, helping me make good decisions, even though I am emotional from needing my shot. I thank you for making me yours, and causing me to remember you throughout each day. Please be with each member of my family today, and let us all feel the comfort of your presence. Thank you, Righteous One! 😀

Zephaniah 3:5-7 ERV

But the LORD is still in that city, and he continues to be good. He does not do anything wrong. He continues to help his people. Morning after morning he makes good decisions for them. Not a day passes without his justice. He never gives a decision that is crooked or is something to be ashamed of.
The Lord says, “I have destroyed whole nations and their defense towers. I destroyed their streets and now no one goes there anymore. Their cities are empty–no one lives there anymore.
I tell you this so that you will learn a lesson. I want you to fear and respect me. If you do this, your home will not be destroyed, and I will not have to punish you the way I planned.” But those evil people only wanted to do more of the same evil things they had already done!

Thank you, Lord, for making me in your image. Thank you for helping me see YOU in the people and animals and plants and landscape surrounding me! Help me to know you more all the time, growing in wisdom and patience and good works. Let my heart and my actions honor you, and help me to keep making good decisions and do good things — just like you, Faithful One! I give you my day, and tomorrow too. I don’t expect too much while I wait for my shot, yet I know that you could use me to do something good — even glorious — during even my down times like these. Thank you for keeping my head up and giving me hope, Father! I pray for those who are reading this, that your joy and peace may dwell with them today, and that they come to know you and your awesome grace! 🙂


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