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Jun 6

Hello, Lord!
Thank you for this peaceful day, and thank you for leading us to an eye doctor that can see my husband immediately. Please help us get him some glasses ASAP, so we can move forward once again. Please provide enough money to cover our unforeseen expenses, and please continue to bless my son financially as well. Please also help him maintain a level of peace, as he struggles through these triple-pace summer classes AND does his digital commission work each day as well. You are faithful beyond any doubt, Lord God. I trust you completely! Thank you for providing for me and my family. Amen.

Isaiah 29:13-19 ERV

The Lord says, “These people come to honor me with words, but I am not really important to them. The worship they give me is nothing but human rules they have memorized. 
So I will continue to amaze them by doing powerful and amazing things. Their wise men will lose their wisdom. Even the most intelligent among them will not be able to understand.” 
Look at them! They try to hide things from the LORD. They think he will not understand. They do their evil things in darkness. They tell themselves: “No one can see us. No one will know who we are.” 
You turn things upside down. You think the clay is equal to the potter. You think that something that is made can tell the one who made it, “You did not make me!” This is like a pot telling its maker, “You know nothing.” 
This is the truth: After a very short time, Lebanon will become rich farmland, and the farmland will be like thick forests. 
The deaf will hear the words in the book. The blind will see through the darkness and fog. 
The LORD will make poor people happy. The poorest people will rejoice in the Holy One of Israel.

Lord, I am probably the poorest person I know, but also the happiest. And you continue to do amazing things each and every day! Thank you for peace and Love and joy! Thank you for gratitude and appreciation of even the smallest things like chapstick and freckles and clean clothes and mushrooms! Thank you for creating people and giving them the breath of your Spirit (your pneuma). Thank you for calling us, choosing us, and leading us. Thank you for being our faithful Shepherd and mighty King. 😀


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