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Jun 2

Hello, Father.
Thank you for supreme peace and joy, even in the face of disaster and the Unknown. Thank you for strength of heart, for courage, for Love. Thank you for the invaluable learning, especially the wisdom that comes of losing your life in order to find it. Thank you for fellowship and friendship and peace with all. Please bless my friend in New York today, as I do not have a way right now to receive emails from her or anyone else, so I don’t know how she is doing. I am grateful that you love and care for her, as you do for little me. Amen! 😀

Jeremiah 10:6‭-‬16 ERV

Lord, there is no one like you. You are great! Your name is great and powerful! Everyone should respect you, King of all the nations. You deserve their respect. There are many wise men among the nations, but not one of them is as wise as you. All the people of the other nations are stupid and foolish. Their teachings come from worthless wooden statues. They use silver from the city of Tarshish and gold from the city of Uphaz and make their statues. Carpenters and metalworkers make the idols. They put blue and purple clothes on them. “Wise men” make these “gods.” But the Lord is the only true God. He is the only God who is alive. He is the King who rules forever. The earth shakes when he is angry. The people of the nations cannot stop his anger. The Lord says, “Tell them this message: ‘These false gods did not make heaven and earth. They will be destroyed and disappear from heaven and earth.’” God is the one who used his power and made the earth. He used his wisdom and built the world. With his understanding he stretched the sky over the earth. God causes the loud thunder, and he causes great floods of water to fall from the sky. He makes clouds rise in the sky every place on earth. He sends lightning with the rain. He brings out the wind from his storehouses. People are so stupid! Metalworkers are fooled by the idols that they themselves made. These statues are nothing but lies. They are stupid. These idols are worth nothing. They are something to make fun of. In the time of judgment they will be destroyed. But Jacob’s God is not like the idols. He made everything, and Israel is the family that God chose to be his own people. His name is Lord All-Powerful.


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