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May 29

Hello, Father.
What a day! Thank you for helping me endure all the stress of this day and its challenges, and thank you for the pleasant surprise this evening of finding homes for some of my things inside the biggest metal toolbox on Mr D! Heehee, sometimes I am so silly, I amuse my own self! 😀

1 Corinthians 14:1‭-‬3‭, ‬26 ERV

Love should be the goal of your life, but you should also want to have the gifts that come from the Spirit. And the gift you should want most is to be able to prophesy. I will explain why. Those who have the gift of speaking in a different language are not speaking to people. They are speaking to God. No one understands them—they are speaking secret things through the Spirit. But those who prophesy are speaking to people. They help people grow stronger in faith, and they give encouragement and comfort. So, brothers and sisters, what should you do? When you meet together, one person has a song, another has a teaching, and another has a new truth from God. One person speaks in a different language, and another interprets that language. The purpose of whatever you do should be to help everyone grow stronger in faith.

Thank you, Father, for making me able to sing in the spirit and in the understanding to you. Thank you for helping me serve others, using your strength. Please help us to sell the last of our things, so we can make the best use of our resources. Lord, please help me adapt to not having internet access. I was able to connect to Walmart wifi for almost 2 hours finally today, but had to spend the entire time updating our listings and dealing with countless more window shoppers just wasting my time, and I had to leave before I could do any more than glance at the first page of my 700+ accumulating emails, waiting for me in my inbox. Frustrating. Please provide a time for my own needs, Lord, some day when I can slow down a bit on helping my husband with his stuff. I really miss my OWN work, Father. You see all. I trust you completely, faithful Shepherd. Lead on!


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