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Feb 7

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for giving me the patience to turn my computer over to my husband for the last couple hours, while he searches for the tools he needs for his work. Please guide him to the right things, at the right places, at the right times. Close any doors that need to be closed, and open up those doors you want him to walk through. Lord, I ask you to honor his efforts to be guided by you, and protect him from being led astray by his own mind or by the enemy. Thank you so much, Father, for taking such good care of us each and every day!

Psalm 119:132-133 ERV

Look at me, and be kind to me, just as you always are to those who love your name.
Guide me, as you promised. Don’t let evil rule over me.

Lord, we are blind in this world. I know that I see so little, so I ask you to be my eyes even beyond simply lighting my path in general. I need your light just to take a next step, and so does my husband! I ask that you take an intimate interest in our little lives, and “micromanage” us. Treat us as children who do not know better — or like sheep who need a Shepherd to know where to go, at what time. It is foolishness to the world to be dependent upon a GOD for all things, even as the world is dependent upon an employer or a priest or a therapist — humans like themselves — to tell them when to rise, where to go, what to do. Lord, I would rather be moved by you, directed by you — as intimately and in as much minute detail as you will supply. I love you, Lord. Help me to live according to your heart’s desire!


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