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May 22

Hello, Lord!
Thank you so, so, so much for the awesome loving family that has helped us out these past couple days, and thank you for causing the repairs to Mr. D. to be finished early enough that I could still take a hot shower and cook one last meal before our electricity is turned off for good (even though I am now out of clean laundry, having sold the washer and dryer already, lol). Lord, there are so many things to look forward to, and I thank you for making myself and my husband FREE to explore your world and your people without being hindered by an expensive home and car and clothing and all the other things that demand constant time and money. Please help us to sell the last of our things and please guide us to a friendly place where we can rest and build our camper — somewhere that allows us time to think and plan and build carefully rather than hurriedly or under super pressure. Thank you for always providing, Lord. I am so joyous to be given a chance to serve you!

Psalm 71:1-8 ERV

LORD, I depend on you for protection. Don’t let me be disappointed. 
You always do what is right, so come and save me. Listen to me and save me. 
Be my Rock, my place of safety. Be my fortress, and protect me! You are my Rock and my protection. 
My God, save me from wicked people. Save me from cruel, evil people. 
Lord GOD, you are my hope. I have trusted you since I was a young boy. 
I depended on you even before I was born. I relied on you even in my mother’s womb. I have always prayed to you. 
You are my source of strength, so I have been an example to others. 
I am always singing about the wonderful things you do. 

Lord, I am so grateful for the way that you have made me! I am so glad that even while I waited outside a stranger’s home, with no real home of my own, I still could sing quietly to you, and thank you for your help and your provision. Thank you so much for giving me a husband who loves you and desires to serve you faithfully, and thank you for my awesome children as well. Please return blessings a thousandfold to all who have helped any of my family. Please give each of their hearts peace and joy and a sense of your awesome presence and faithful care. Thank you, Shepherd!


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