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May 13

Oh, Lord, Lord, Lord, you are taking such awesome care of me! Even though I’ve only been getting 3 to 5 hours of sleep each night and I keep getting little moments of fear, you keep showing me over and over your gentle kindness and care, leading me faithfully what to do next, and next, and next, making sure all my Little Things are remembered and taken care of, even while I work with my husband to get things ready, get things in storage, and get things sold. Father, you see all that’s gone on. You see more than I even can remember! You have seen the literally hundreds of different messages I’ve read and sent on my phone these last few days, trying desperately to sell the rest of our things to get survival money — and we’ve only sold one or two things!!! Lord, I still trust you completely. I feel absolutely certain that you are in control, and that all our needs WILL be provided for — in your way, in your timing. Thank you for faith and peace and hope and Love, awesome Shepherd!!

Isaiah 56:1-8 ERV

The LORD said these things, “Be fair to all people. Do what is right, because soon my salvation will come to you. My goodness will soon be shown to the whole world. 
I will bless those who refuse to do wrong and who obey the law about the Sabbath.” 
Some foreigners will choose to follow the LORD. They should not say, “The LORD will not really accept me like the rest of his people.” A eunuch should not say, “I am only a dry piece of wood. I cannot have any children.” 
They should not say that because the LORD says, “Some eunuchs obey the laws about the Sabbath. They choose to do what I want, and they follow my agreement. 
So I will put a memorial stone in my Temple for them. Their name will be remembered in my city! Yes, I will give those eunuchs something better than sons and daughters. I will give them a name that will last forever! They will not be cut off from my people.” 
“Some foreigners have chosen to follow the LORD. They do this so that they can serve him and love his name and be his servants. They keep the Sabbath as a special day of worship, and they will continue to follow closely my agreement. 
So I will bring them to my holy mountain and make them happy in my house of prayer. The offerings and sacrifices they give me will please me, because my Temple will be called a house of prayer for all nations.” 
The Lord GOD said these things. The Israelites were forced to leave their country, but the Lord will gather them together again. He says, “I will bring them back together again!” 

Lord, I thank you for your Word that comforts and instructs me day and night. Please protect my husband and myself today, keep our bodies strong enough to keep moving all this heavy stuff, plus all the lifting and bending and trying to be patient with people who just waste our time and don’t buy anything. Please bring the right people at the right time, and help us be patient with each other as our nerves are fried out a bit, and please help us to keep trusting you. Increase our faith and maintain our peace. I trust you completely, my Lord.


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