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May 11

Lord, my heart is breaking and I feel so all alone. It feels like everyone is taking, taking, taking from me, and giving nothing back. I can feel you reaching out to help me, I can hear your voice, and I can even recognize that it is just the enemy attacking me hard right now… but that voice of SHAME is so loud, it is crushing everything else out, crushing ME! Please don’t let the enemy get me, Shepherd. I don’t feel strong enough to fight for myself, will you please send help? I really just want to go home! There is not enough Love in this world, or else it’s just too far away. It doesn’t seem like it is avaliable for me to receive, just to give. Everyone is just a Hurter, a Taker. No one helps me, no one but you really cares. And thanks to the enemy’s overload of SHAME on me today, I don’t feel I even am good enough to live. The flower of your Love that you planted in me is getting choked by despair and loneliness. I am desperate to get BACK some of the tender comfort, reassurance, and encouragement that I am constantly pouring out to others. Please send me Comfort, Lord. Please encourage me, or else just take me home. I am just too alone here. Too wounded to fight any more.

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