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May 6

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for all the awesome progress yesterday, including getting to know all the little Adobe mobile apps and the new truck and even Prelude and Animate CC! I am really enjoying and even growing quite fond of all the Adobe apps, now that they are a big part of my everyday life. I am starting to feel more like a super-techie, lol! And I am very grateful for the new truck, this big ‘ol one ton diesel flatbed that I am calling “Mr. D.” (short for Diesel… or Daring or Dog or Determined or whatever seems to fit at the moment, lol). Thank you for giving my husband patience and skill to fix the problem with the lights so that we do not give the cops a reason to harass us, and thank you for giving me a relevant project to work on with my phone while in the driver’s seat of the truck for an hour or so, turning on and off lights while he troubleshooted. LOL. Thank you also for giving me practice with my new contacts, trying to work out a system, with one left contact allowing me to see clearly at a distance but forcing me to wear reading glasses to type (like now) or do anything close up… and the other left contact being a compromise that allows for “good enough” vision at all distances (but probably would not allow me to pass a driving test). Thank you also for my right contacts which are never clear no matter which ones I use or how far away I look, but yet always seem to be close enough to “good enough” to supplement the left eye adequately. I thank you, because it makes me look forward to actually getting a pair of glasses that corrects all things at once — or so they say. I don’t look forward to wearing glasses again and haven’t had a pair (besides my $1 reading glasses) in about 25 years. However, I DO look forward to learning how to adapt to whatever you provide for me, Lord. And glasses just seem like one of the more simple things I will face eventually. Thank you for ALL your awesome provision, Shepherd!! 😀

Isaiah 51:12-13 ERV

The Lord says, “I am the one who comforts you. So why should you be afraid of people? They are only humans who live and die like the grass.” 
I, the LORD, am the one who made you. With my power I made the earth and spread the sky over the earth. But you have forgotten me, so you are always afraid that angry men will hurt you. Those men planned to destroy you, but where are they now? 

Lord, I just love it when you compare yourself to us puny humans. It really helps to put things in perspective! When I grow a bit afraid of the days ahead and all the Unknowns, I simply need remember your faithfulness and your might — and that all I have are little problems that are here today and gone tomorrow. I can rest in and trust in your eternal care, Shepherd. I trust you completely. Amen.

Mr D before physical modifications (camper, etc) but the pic has been modified using Adobe mobile apps, lol:


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