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May 5

Good morning, Father!
Thank you so much for the awesome new truck! It is a most excellent foundation to build upon, and I am quite excited! Father, please help my husband to rest in you and not get so worked up about the possible repairs that the truck needs, and how we will get the money. Help us BOTH to remember how faithful you are, that you provide for all our needs, and all we need do is pray and be thankful and be willing to do whatever YOU give us to do — not go figure it all out ourselves and make it happen through our own wills. We are both stubborn humans, Lord. Thank you for your patience with us, and please continue to lead us forward in your will and purpose for us. Amen.

Job 8:9-22 ERV

It seems as though we were born yesterday. We are too young to know anything. Our days on earth are very short, like a shadow. 
Maybe the old people can tell you something. Maybe they will teach you what they learned. 
“Can papyrus grow tall on a dry land? Can reeds grow without water? 
No, they will dry up before harvest. They will be too small to cut and use. 
People who forget God are like that. Those who oppose him have no hope. 
They have put their trust in something weak. It is like a spider’s web. 
When they lean against it, it will break. When they reach out for it, it will not hold them up. 
Such people are like a vine that gets plenty of water and sunshine, and its branches spread throughout the garden. 
Its roots spread among the rocks, searching for good soil. 
But if you move it, it will die, and no one can tell it was ever there. 
Everything might have been going well, but another vine will take its place. 
God does not support evil people, and he does not abandon the innocent. 
So perhaps you might laugh again. Maybe shouts of joy will come from your lips. 
Maybe your enemies will be humiliated and the homes of the wicked destroyed.” 

Lord, in some things I really do feel like I was born yesterday! Especially when you keep restoring me each morning, so that I wake up refreshed and ready to go! 🙂 Thank you for helping me learn more and more lately how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and InDesign and Audition. Please help me learn more today about Premier Pro and After Effects and perhaps Animate CC. And Father, please help me to eventually have time to redesign my dozen or so websites — or perhaps just some of them — using Dreamweaver and Muse. And help me to put it all together to have an online portfolio of services to offer, for potential clients to view online and through the Experience Design (Xd) interface. Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of ALL the awesome Adobe CC products, even the mobile app versions on my phone, and thank you for making me a quick learner and enough of a “techie” that I can easily bounce between the ten sophisticated applications mentioned above PLUS Lightroom and Bridge and Prelude and Media Encoder and all the “old hat” Microsoft Office apps and whatever ELSE you give me to use for digital tools. LOL 😛


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