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Apr 19

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for the awesome FREEDOM this morning, getting me up and moving and designing so early, heehee! Thank you for my warm polar bear sleeves, kickstarting my newest clothes-making adventures! 😀 Father, I give you my skill, my hands, my time, my energy. I offer up myself to you this day and I thank you for guiding me so diligently and faithfully, throughout my entire life. Lead on, Shepherd!

Psalm 139:7-10, 23-24 ERV

Your Spirit is everywhere I go. I cannot escape your presence. 
If I go up to heaven, you will be there. If I go down to the place of death, you will be there. 
If I go east where the sun rises or go to live in the west beyond the sea, 
even there you will take my hand and lead me. Your strong right hand will protect me. 
God, examine me and know my mind. Test me and know all my worries. 
Make sure that I am not going the wrong way. Lead me on the path that has always been right. 

Lord, I am so grateful for the chance to serve you, and so amazed at the lightness and enthusiasm I feel this morning. I am fixin’ to be homeless and haven’t had a car for over a year now, but yet I have never known such peace and joy! Every day seems like a new adventure with you, knowing securely that even the worst of moments I am still under your wing, still blessed with your mercy and provision and protection and peace. Thank you, Lord Jesus! 😀


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