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Apr 15

Hello, Father!
Thank you for another awesome day of closeness and connection — and this one even including my daughter in there for a bit! Thank you for healing and restoration and growth, and thank you for the HOPE that is the future in service to you — even if we do not ever get the ideals of what we envision. I know that no matter what happens, there will at least be incredible moments of fellowship and understanding like those we’ve had here, and that we will also ave many opportunities to help people and share the Love you’ve planted in our hearts and perhaps a little wisdom you have shared with us, as well. Thank you, Faithful Shepherd!

2 Corinthians 8:9-14 ERV

You know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. You know that he gave up his heavenly riches for you. He gave up everything so that you could be richly blessed. 
This is what I think you should do: Last year you were the first to want to give, and you were the first who gave. 
So now finish the work you started. Then your “doing” will be equal to your “wanting to do.” Give from what you have. 
If you want to give, your gift will be accepted. Your gift will be judged by what you have, not by what you don’t have. 
We don’t want you to have troubles while others are comforted. We want everything to be equal. 
At this time you have plenty and can provide what they need. Then later, when they have plenty, they can provide what you need. Then everyone will have an equal share. 

Lord, I thank you for bringing a few people here to buy some of our things, so that now it is finally looking like we MAY be able to purchase a working truck, although we truly need your help to find a good one and perhaps a way to get over to it, as we still have no OTHER means of transportation. Please continue your mercies and continue your leading, Lord. Please bring more people here to purchase our last big items so that we do have enough for a truck, and please guide us to the right vehicle and also the right place to bring my daughter, as well. Please provide for her, merciful Lord. She does NOT need to be homeless with myself and my husband, and she does not choose that life. Please let this time be an awesome first lesson for her personally, one in which she learns the beauty of your personalized provision for your beloved children. Help her begin to trust in you, Oh Lord. Amen! 😀


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