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Alone, but for God

Father, you alone know the depth of my sorrow this day. You alone see, hear, feel, know my heart. Help me to accept the comfort of knowing that your heart has been where mine is now. YOU can empathize with me, with all that has happened, all that I’ve given, all that’s been lost, and all that’s been taken. And taken for granted, scorned. And only you can provide me with HOPE, for anything better, anything more than what I have right now. I give it ALL to you. And I trust you completely, my faithful Shepherd. You know far better than me how it feels to give every ounce of yourself for those who just betray you and trade you in for their own flesh. You know the agony of watching the stunning beauty of what the Father offers again and again rejected, traded in for ugliness. My heart aches so badly that I want to run from anyone who even remotely claims to love you! I cannot bear to see you rejected again and again, my Lord!! Please protect my heart from bitterness. I do not WANT to believe that no one really truly loves you better than their own self. I do not WANT to lose hope in your people. I do not WANT to be this alone!!

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