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Mar 1

Hello, Father.
Thank you for renewing my HOPE, giving me something I can look forward to, AND giving a bit of lightness to the house for a whole day! 🙂 Thank you for fellowship and closeness, and thank you for keeping us healthy and active. Thank you for burning us with your holy fire in so many ways, Lord, refining us and making the eternal parts stronger and more stable, even as you burn away more and more of the things our flesh desires. Thank you for this time of stretching, no matter how uncomfortable it may seem at times. Thank you for loving us enough to correct us, Father. Amen.

Psalm 12 ERV

To the director: With the sheminith. A song of David. Save me, LORD! We can no longer trust anyone! All the good, loyal people are gone. 
People lie to their neighbors. They say whatever they think people want to hear. 
The LORD should cut off their lying lips and cut out their bragging tongues. 
Those people think they can win any argument. They say, “We are so good with words, no one will be our master.” 
They took advantage of the poor and stole what little they had. But the LORD knows what they did, and he says, “I will rescue those who are poor and helpless, and I will punish those who hurt them.” 
The LORD’S words are true and pure, like silver purified by fire, like silver melted seven times to make it perfectly pure. 
LORD, take care of the helpless. Protect them forever from the wicked people in this world. 
The wicked are all around us, and everyone thinks evil is something to be praised! 

Lord, I thank you for any purification you put me through, as it makes me stronger and more pleasing to you. I thank you for these hard times, and I thank you for the HOPE of good times to come. I thank you for my awesome husband and children, friends and family. I thank you for your love and your awesome daily care. I thank you for all your miraculous provision, especially the ones that have not even become manifest yet. Thank you for giving me a measure of faith and joy, and thank you for loving me, faithful Shepherd.


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