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Feb 8

Father, please help me let go of all expectation to hold onto anything, for any length of time. Help me to keep always in mind that NO human DESERVES anything from God, but that all we have is due to your mercy alone. I have asked you to protect my heart from bitterness, and you have faithfully shown me how, what I must do to maintain joy no matter my circumstances. So please help me to let go of ALL my expectations, knowing only that YOU are Faithful and will take care of me in your own way, in your own timing. I trust you completely, Lord. Thank you. 🙂

Psalm 31:19-24 ERV

Lord, you have hidden away many wonderful things for your followers. You have done so many good things for those who trust in you. You have blessed them so that all the world can see. 
Others make plans to hurt them. They say such bad things about them. But you hide your people in your shelter and protect them. 
Praise the LORD, because he showed me how wonderful his faithful love is when the city was surrounded by enemies. 
I was afraid and said, “I am in a place where he cannot see me.” But I prayed to you, and you heard my loud cries for help. 
Love the LORD, all of you who are his loyal followers. The LORD protects those who are loyal to him. But he punishes those who brag about their own power. He gives them all the punishment they deserve. 
Be strong and brave, all of you who are waiting for the LORD’S help. 

Lord, I thank you that I have food to eat and enough warmth that I am not disabled. I thank you that my body is strong enough to walk for an hour straight, up and down a hill, carrying groceries on the way back, to care for my family. I thank you that I have hope and joy and peace and love! I thank you for bringing me safely through those most horrible days of hormone imbalance, and already showing me a way to keep the NEXT downswing (in about 6 weeks??) from getting quite that bad. Thank you for watching over myself and all those I love and care for deeply. Thank you for helping me remember how RICH I am, Father! Amen! 😀


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