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Feb 6

Father, please help me through this time. I feel out of control, I guess from the hormones, I don’t know. I cannot think straight, cannot see well, barely even know my own name, it seems. I could describe this crazy sensation a thousand different ways, but it seems best to just keep quiet, and let it pass. Thank you for your mercy, Shepherd. Amen.

Psalm 111 ERV

Praise the LORD! I thank the LORD with all my heart in the assembly of his good people. 
The LORD does wonderful things, more than anyone could ask for. 
The things he does are great and glorious! There is no end to his goodness. 
He does amazing things so that we will remember that the LORD is kind and merciful. 
He gives food to his followers. He remembers his agreement forever. 
He has shown his people how powerful he is by giving them the land of other nations. 
Everything he does is good and fair. All his commands can be trusted. 
His commands will continue forever. They must be done with truth and honesty. 
He rescued his people and made his agreement with them forever. His name is awesome and holy. 
Wisdom begins with fear and respect for the LORD. Those who obey him are very wise. Praises will be sung to him forever. 

Lord, please protect me and heal me, be my strength and my support. I trust you completely, my Lord. Show me how to walk in this hazy, baffling mist. Don’t let me stumble and lose my way or get all cut up on the rocks. Light my path and help me to keep my eyes on YOU, not on the shadows that lurk beyond the path. They are not my battles, not my concern. All I must do is be thankful, and pray, and trust you. Don’t let me miss a turn in the road, Father. I cannot trust my own eyes right now. Open my heart to hear your voice, and remind me of your love and provision. Amen.


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