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I shall yet learn, and grow beyond the immaturity of adulthood. I shall again laugh, and learn the wisdom of a child.

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Feb 1

Good morning, Father.
I thank you, Lord, that you are ENOUGH to sustain me — no matter what is going on around me, no matter what is going on, inside me. Thank you for holding me up, keeping me going, giving me strength to pour out to others even when I feel like I have nothing left inside. Thank you for reminding me that it is YOUR strength I have to give, so it will never run out. Thank you for the tender reminder, too, that I can lean on YOU, that I get my strength from YOU — so it is okay if people take without giving. But Father, I thank you sincerely for those strangers who HAVE given to support me, in the last few days. Thank you for providing for some of my needs, through their kind financial support. I ask you to bless each one of them abundantly, Lord. Give each one some special heart-gift that only YOU can give them. Amen.

Genesis 39:21-23 ERV

The LORD was with Joseph and continued to show his kindness to him, so the commander of the prison guards began to like Joseph. 
The commander of the guards put Joseph in charge of all the prisoners. Joseph was their leader, but he still did the same work they did. 
The commander of the guards trusted Joseph with everything that was in the prison. This happened because the LORD was with Joseph. The LORD helped Joseph be successful in everything he did. 

Exodus 15:9-13 ERV

“The enemy said, ‘I’ll chase them and catch them. I’ll take all their riches. I’ll take it all with my sword. I’ll take everything for myself.’ 
But you blew on them and covered them with the sea. They sank like lead into the deep sea. 
“Are there any gods like the LORD? No, there are no gods like you— you are wonderfully holy! You are amazingly powerful! You do great miracles! 
You raised your right hand to punish the enemy, and the ground opened up to swallow them. 
But with your kindness you led the people you saved. And with your strength you led them to your holy land. 

Father, I know you don’t have a “holy land” for me to go to when I finally am set free from this depressing trailer that should be condemned to be torn down. I thank you for all the years it has served us, even as it falls apart around us. But even if we do not get to go to a “holy land”, I know that wherever you lead us, you will be with us, and it will be ENOUGH. Help my heart to remain faithful to you, Lord, and not grow bitter. Help me to make it safely to the next round of OTC hormone treatment. I feel like sobbing and throwing a temper tantrum, but I realize that will accomplish nothing. Instead, I choose to be grateful for all that I have. Help me, Lord, to continue to thank you, throughout every single day, for every little thing in my life that does not absolutely suck — and perhaps some things that do. Thank you for my feelings of being alone and isolated and desperately needing kind words and a hug — these needs drive me to YOU, my Shepherd. Thank you. 🙂


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