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Jan 30

Good morning, Lord.
Thank you for this minimally functioning computer, although there are so many things I can no longer do — so many limitations on my work now. :O< Father, please help my heart be strong, and keep trusting you. Thank you so much for saving my husband through the frightening physical symptoms he's had for the last 16 hours or so -- and please heal him up completely, back to good strength and health. Thank you for providing a way for him to listen to a John Eldredge audiobook. Please let it speak to his heart and begin to heal some of the wound inside it. Amen.

Psalm 147:1-11 ERV

Praise the LORD because he is good. Sing praises to our God. It is good and pleasant to praise him. 
The LORD rebuilds Jerusalem. He brings back the Israelites who were taken as prisoners. 
He heals their broken hearts and bandages their wounds. 
He counts the stars and knows each of them by name. 
Our Lord is great and powerful. There is no limit to what he knows.
The LORD supports the humble, but he shames the wicked. 
Give thanks to the LORD. Praise our God with harps. 
He fills the sky with clouds. He sends rain to the earth. He makes the grass grow on the mountains. 
He gives food to the animals. He feeds the young birds that cry out. 
War horses and powerful soldiers are not what he cares about. 
The LORD enjoys people who worship him and trust in his faithful love.

Lord, I really do not know how we could trust you any MORE than we are. We are constantly putting both our hearts and our situation into your hands. We have no car, no heat, and no income other than the tiny amount I make from running my online business. We are 2 months behind on rent, and fixing to be a third. I can barely afford to buy groceries, and all the money I now have has to go to pay fines to the city and other debts. We have vehicles and clothes and art up for sale on three different online marketplaces, and we are fixing to take pics and put up ALL our bearded dragons and all their cages and such for sale, hopefully today. Yet not a single person has actually come over here and bought anything. My husband is owed something like $3000 from people he’s worked for, but they have done him dirty, both beginning and perpetuating this unbelievable level of poverty we have sunk to. As far as I can tell, neither I nor my husband holds any of these things against you or against any human. We just hurt. Heal us, Lord. Enjoy our worship and our trust, and support us, Oh Lord. Amen.


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