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Jan 26

Good morning, Lord.
Thank you for helping me with my crazy whacked hormones again, encouraging me to not LET myself get overwhelmed but just give everything to you and focus on just ONE thing that is before me at the moment. Thank you for your consistent and compassionate care, Shepherd! Thank you for the nice conversation with my son last night, and thank you for advancing him in his training, so that he can move to the next level. Please continue to draw him, Father, so that he can know you and be known of you. Amen! 🙂

Isaiah 61:7-11 ERV

In the past, other people shamed you and said bad things to you. You were shamed much more than any other people. So in your land you will get two times more than other people. You will get the joy that continues forever.
That’s because I am the LORD and I love justice. I hate stealing and everything that is wrong. So I will give the people what they deserve. I will make an agreement with my people forever.
Their descendants will be known throughout the earth, and everyone will know their children. Whoever sees them will know that the LORD has blessed them.
The LORD makes me very happy. I am completely happy with my God. He dressed me in the clothes of salvation. He put the victory coat on me. I look like a man dressed for his wedding, like a bride covered with jewels.
The earth causes plants to grow, and a garden makes the seeds planted there rise up. In the same way, the Lord GOD will make goodness and praise grow throughout the nations.

Lord, I thank you for releasing me from my 5-year-long dedication to serving the hundreds of thousands of Spanish teachers that use my website. Surely such blind loyalty to so many people — the vast majority of whom only take without giving back — has really been draining me DRY! I feel better already! Thank you, Lord, for continuing to prune things out of my life and my heart — even the ones that I THOUGHT I needed or wanted, even things that I thought were pleasing to you. Amen.

Father, as I move away from senselessly creating MORE Spanish materials, I ask you to help me channel all that heart and creative energy into building my namesake website, — where I can add to the sixteen categories of awesomeness that lie deep at the core of my heart.

In fact, I think I will post a pic here, to help me forever remember, where it all started:

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