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Jan 23

Good morning, Father.
Thank you for my health, for being able to walk to the store and get groceries to carry back. Father, please heal up this big knot in my left shoulder and neck, which hurts like crazy every day now. Please bring in enough money for me to be able to get some contact lenses, now that I found a way to get them, without paying a couple-few hundred dollars for a new eye exam and prescription. Please help my heart, as I struggle to stay upbeat during this time. Help me to remain in a mindset of prayer and thankfulness, so that I can be ready for anything. Amen.

Psalm 86 ERV

A prayer of David. I am a poor, helpless man. LORD, please listen to me and answer my prayer!
I am your follower, so please protect me. I am your servant, and you are my God. I trust in you, so save me.
My Lord, be kind to me. I have been praying to you all day.
My Lord, I put my life in your hands. I am your servant, so make me happy.
My Lord, you are good and merciful. You love all those who call to you for help.
LORD, hear my prayer. Listen to my cry for mercy.
I am praying to you in my time of trouble. I know you will answer me.
My Lord, there is no God like you. No one can do what you have done.
My Lord, you made everyone. I wish they all would come worship you and honor your name.
You are great and do amazing things. You and you alone are God.
LORD, teach me your ways, and I will live and obey your truths. Help me make worshiping your name the most important thing in my life.
My Lord God, I praise you with all my heart. I will honor your name forever!
You have such great love for me. You save me from the place of death.
Proud people are attacking me, God. A gang of cruel men is trying to kill me. They don’t respect you.
My Lord, you are a kind and merciful God. You are patient, loyal, and full of love.
Show that you hear me and be kind to me. I am your servant, so give me strength.
I am your slave, as my mother was, so save me!
LORD, show me a sign that you care for me. My enemies will see it and be disappointed, because you helped and comforted me.

Father, I thank you for the HOPE that is your Word! Thank you for giving me an assurance that I will not always struggle or be alone. Thank you for your awesome mercy and care, Lord! I trust you completely. And I know that my burden is actually quite light — YOU carry my baggage, for I give it all to you. All I must do is keep trusting you, and keep praying and thanking you for all that I have. And Lord, please help me to hear your voice, and listen to your guidance. Help me to see and understand your direction, and follow you faithfully to the end. Please comfort those I love and give us strength. Amen! 😀


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