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Jan 20

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for the encouragement this morning, giving me a new outlet, a new tool, a new blessing to be grateful for! Please help me to NOT get overwhelmed and run ahead of myself, feeling like every word has to be written perfectly, the first time through. Please guide me in my writing — on that AND in my actual daily work — help me to lean on you and follow you and not get all tangled up in my own expectations. Amen!

Psalm 5:2-8,11-12 ERV

My God and King, listen to my prayer.
Every morning, LORD, I lay my gifts before you and look to you for help. And every morning you hear my prayers.
God, you don’t want evil people near you. They cannot stay in your presence.
Fools cannot come near you. You hate those who do evil.
You destroy those who tell lies. LORD, you hate those who make secret plans to hurt others.
But by your great mercy, I can enter your house. I can worship in your holy Temple with fear and respect for you.
LORD, show me your right way of living, and make it easy for me to follow. People are looking for my weaknesses, so show me how you want me to live.
But let those who trust in you be happy forever. Protect and strengthen those who love your name.
LORD, when you bless good people, you surround them with your love, like a large shield that protects them.

Lord, I thank you for all your mercies, especially that shield that protects me so well! Even if I do not deserve it, nor ever could earn it (hence, mercy!). I do not wish for the punishment of anyone, even those who have hurt me most, so I cut out the verses above, where David asks for you to punish HIS enemies. I hope that is okay, Lord. Please reveal it to me, if it is prideful or otherwise against you, to have absolutely no desire to see anyone, anywhere, suffer any sorrow or pain. It seems that the verses that define LOVE do not leave much room for such bitterness, and you say that vengeance belongs to YOU, yet I also know that you are righteous and “don’t want evil people near you.” Still, it does not SEEM that I need to carry around any wish for anyone’s harm. I thank you for letting me be free of that burden, Shepherd! 😀


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