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Jan 7

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for the crazy snow yesterday, and for keeping my family warm and safe. Thank you for the HOPE that is 70 degree weather coming back in a few days! Thank you for giving us just enough food to make it, while it is so cold and hard to walk to the store. Please be with each of my children, Lord, and help their lonely hearts. Please prepare the way for each of them to have a good mate, someone just right for them, handpicked by you, Lord. And thank you for restoring the peace and lightheartedness between my husband and myself. Thank you for helping me in my work and in my art, and for showing me new things to do, little bit by little bit, learning more as I walk forward. Thank you for all your awesome blessings, Father!

2 Thessalonians 1:11-12 ERV

That is why we always pray for you. We ask our God to help you live the good way he wanted when he chose you. The goodness you have makes you want to do good. And the faith you have makes you work. We pray that with his power God will help you do these things more and more.
Then the name of our Lord Jesus will be honored because of you, and you will be honored because of him. This can happen only by the grace of our God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Lord, I thank you that you make us able to love, able to have faith, able to do good things that are pleasing to you. I thank you for growing love in me, Father. Please touch each of my children’s hearts and plant your seeds of love in them as well. Nurture the seeds you plant and help them grow into a fullness and fruitfulness for you. Bring each of my children into an intimate, trusting relationship with you, Lord. Teach them your voice and how to hear and to trust you, Shepherd. Amen. 🙂


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