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Jan 5

Good morning, Father.
Thank you for caring for my heart, all these years. Thank you for being there for me, comforting me with nature, when I was only 3 and 4 and 5 years old. Thank you for helping me yesterday, researching & composing one of my longer posts, despite the hostile environment and poor working conditions. Thank you for being with me this morning, helping me take a shower and protecting me while I was most vulnerable. Thank you for being with me now, while I struggle under the weight of mine own heart, praying for you to help me act wisely despite my hurt. Thank you for caring for me, leading me forward, Shepherd! 🙂

Isaiah 11:1-9 ERV

A small tree will begin to grow from the stump of Jesse. That branch will grow from Jesse’s roots.
The LORD’S Spirit will always be with that new king to give him wisdom, understanding, guidance, and power. The Spirit will help him know and respect the LORD.
He will find joy in obeying the LORD. This king will not judge people by the way things look. He will not judge by listening to rumors.
He will judge the poor fairly and honestly. He will be fair when he decides what to do for the poor of the land. If he decides people should be beaten, he will give the command, and they will be beaten. If he decides people must die, he will give the command, and those evil people will be killed. Goodness and fairness will be like a belt he wears around his waist.
Then wolves will live at peace with lambs, and leopards will lie down in peace with young goats. Calves, lions, and bulls will all live together in peace. A little child will lead them.
Bears and cattle will eat together in peace, and all their young will lie down together and will not hurt each other. Lions will eat hay like cattle.
Even snakes will not hurt people. Babies will be able to play near a cobra’s hole and put their hands into the nest of a poisonous snake.
People will stop hurting each other. People on my holy mountain will not want to destroy things because they will know the LORD. The world will be full of knowledge about him, like the sea is full of water.

Father, I thank you for Isaiah, and for preserving his words, so that people like myself, even today in this crazy technological society, can still read the words of your heart written through Isaiah, and be comforted, encouraged by your promises, Lord. I find so much strength in reading Isaiah sometimes, Father. Thank you. Thank you for HOPE. I will NOT always hurt. There is comfort and strength in your promises, in your HEART, Lord God. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. Amen.


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