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Dec 31

Good morning, Lord!
Thank you so much for my excellent beginning with GOUACHE last night! Thank you for guiding me to new, fun, and more MOBILE art supplies and techniques! Thank you for encouraging my art, and thank you also for the new awesome system for my work as well! Thank you for giving my husband something to DO — so quickly, the same day I prayed for that, lol! 😀 Please also prepare my daughter for her future, Lord. Show me whatever I need to do, beyond feeding her and such, here at home. If I need to research and find her some type of training or whatever, please guide me in that direction, Lord. I give it to you, Father. I know I can trust you to show me your will, to give me a CHANCE to obey you and follow you and be more pleasing to you. Thank you for your awesomeness, Shepherd!

Psalm 76:7-12 ERV

God, you are awesome! No one can stand against you when you are angry.
You stood as judge and announced your decision. You saved the humble people of the land. From heaven you gave the decision, and the whole earth was silent and afraid.
Even human anger can bring you honor when you use it to punish your enemies.
People, you made promises to the LORD your God. Now give him what you promised. People everywhere fear and respect God, and they will bring gifts to him.
God defeats great leaders; all the kings on earth fear him.

Lord, I thank you for an entire year writing this little prayer blog, without missing a single day! How awesome is that?! I thank you that tomorrow will be no different from today, as far as I can tell. That I will continue on, writing here every day and continue on, adding to almost every week, and almost every day. I will keep using the system you have given me, until you change it. I have enough to keep me busy for the rest of my life and then some, but I know you will give me other things, along the way. I thank you for an incredible, productive year with a lot of growth in some areas and fresh new beginnings in other areas. Thank you for healing my heart since my Tiny Friend died, almost 6 months ago now. Thank you for preparing me to move, having all my books and such packed up, ready to go — and having the mindset that I can do my work from anywhere now, as long as I can have access to the internet at least part of the time, and a way to recharge my devices. How awesome it is to live in this time of such ease of communication and information! Thank you Lord. Please keep my loved ones safe tonight, and thank you for curing me of ALL my cravings for alcohol! Amen! 😀


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