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Dec 29

Good morning, Lord!
Thank you so much for all the encouragement in my work lately! I am LOVING how it is just flowing along: writing, writing, writing — and slowly learning to use Adobe Illustrator CC — the industry standard in desktop publishing. That ought to come in handy! 🙂 But even more so, Lord, I am loving the HOPE that all this is giving me, for I now have a very stable platform that helps me get way more done with so much less stress! And it is exciting and FUN! Heehee, I feel truly blessed, Lord. Thank you soooooo much for this awesome breakthrough! I haven’t really felt proud of my work since before my parents died, since almost a year before I moved to Texas. That was about EIGHT years ago! For all these 8 years, I’ve been struggling along, TRYING to work, but feeling like I’m dragging a carpet through a muddy field — slow-going and strenuous, with a TON of TEARS shed! Now, looking back, it seems I’ve been climbing a big hill and NOW you’ve put me at the top of a toboggan run — now I’ve moving FAST and smoothly! Haha! I realize that some of this may be due to its newness, but the system you’ve given me not only gives me some level of newness on an almost daily and at least bi-weekly timeframe, but it also provides a structure, a foundation, that keeps the momentum going AND stabilizes the course. Father, I truly feel blessed beyond belief! I don’t know how much more blessing I can take. Seriously. 😛

Proverbs 28:13-14, 18-20 ERV

Whoever hides their sins will not be successful, but whoever confesses their sins and stops doing wrong will receive mercy.
People who respect others will be blessed, but stubborn people will have plenty of troubles.
Honest people will be safe, but dishonest people will be ruined.
Whoever works hard will have plenty to eat, but whoever wastes their time with dreams will always be poor.
People who can be trusted will have many blessings, but those who are just trying to get rich in a hurry will be punished.

Father, I thank you for making me just humble enough to openly confess my faults and share my struggles with whomever reads or hears my words. I pray that you use this blog to reach people, whomever you desire to touch in this way. Let me be an example of what happens when someone wholeheartedly serves you, loves you, trusts you. Cleanse me, Lord, so that I may reflect you and your goodness more clearly, and don’t let my stinky flesh get in the way and ruin my witness. Make me simple, Lord. Help me to be single-minded, longing only for the things YOU have for me, and letting GO of the things that only my stinky flesh wants. Even if it hurts to lose things I clean stubbornly to, I desire for you to take them. Even my foolish pride, in all its guises — even the ones that I cannot see. Thank you, Father, for the gentle nurturing of your Holy Spirit. Thank you for choosing me. Thank you for saving me, rescuing me from myself. Amen.


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