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Dec 28

Good morning, Lord!
This is my 364th post this year! Thank you, Father, for providing enough money for me to renew this domain (website) for another year, so that I still have a place to praise you every day. I’m not sure if you will have me continue to write every single day, but seeing as there are only 3 more days to go, I believe I will make it to posting every single day THIS year! Thank you, Lord, for the incredible joy and excitement I have inside me! I am delighted to find that I get to spend the rest of my life encouraging people!! I spend my days now writing, making digital and physical art and infographics and quote posters and such, and getting on art sites like DeviantArt and ArtWanted and FoundMyself and OurArtCorner, to “take a break from work” by just browsing art, and making sincere compliments to artists on their work, encouraging them. And even as part of my work, I get to share places I like and people I admire, and quotes that inspire me — and I get to feature people on my site, sharing their awesomeness with the world and making their day by showing them that someone notices, someone CARES. How awesome — you just can’t get much better than that!! I think if I didn’t have bad contact lenses and a bad computer and a falling-apart house, I would think I was in HEAVEN! So I thank you, Father, for those things that keep me humble and just uncomfortable enough to not “fall asleep in the light.” LOL

Hebrews 1:7-12 ERV

This is what God said about the angels: “He changes his angels into winds and his servants into flaming fire.”
But this is what he said about his Son: “God, your kingdom will last forever and ever. You use your authority for justice.
You love what is right and hate what is wrong. So God, your God, has chosen you, giving you more honor and joy than anyone like you.”
God also said, “O Lord, in the beginning you made the earth, and your hands made the sky.
These things will disappear, but you will stay. They will all wear out like old clothes.
You will fold them up like a coat, and they will be changed like clothes. But you never change, and your life will never end.”

Jesus, I thank you for revealing yourself and your LOVE to me when I was barely 5 years old and was buried alive for their stupid Druid ceremony, and nearly died (not the first OR the last time!). I thank you for giving me HOPE to hold on to, promising me that some day I will get to be with you forever. I thank you for holding me close all these years, even the ones when I was a teenager and was rebelling — and perhaps even FORGOT about you! You were faithful and kept me from doing anything that would lead me too far off the path to your Kingdom. Thank you for making a way for me (and for everyone!) to know the Father and to have your Holy Spirit to teach and comfort and guide me. Thank you for never changing, for using your authority for justice, and for providing LIFE that never ends. And thank you, my awesome Shepherd, for making this time I am here on this earth, apart from you, a time when I have a way to encourage others, to help, to share all the overabundance of LOVE that you give me each day. My cup runneth over. Amen. 😀


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