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Dec 24

Good morning, Lord!
Thank you for giving me so much sleep last night — perhaps even too much, if I were to quantify it! 😛 Please help me to rely less and less on the CLOCK and more and more on looking to you for guidance and timing. Thank you for encouraging me in my work, Lord. I give it all to you — do with it what you will. It is only up to me to obey, to do the work you have set before me. It is up to YOU to bless it and make it fruitful. Thank you for growing me in your eternal garden, my Lord! Thank you for nurturing me so faithfully every single day. Amen.

Job 8:10-22 ERV

Maybe the old people can tell you something. Maybe they will teach you what they learned.
“Can papyrus grow tall on a dry land? Can reeds grow without water?
No, they will dry up before harvest. They will be too small to cut and use.
People who forget God are like that. Those who oppose him have no hope.
They have put their trust in something weak. It is like a spider’s web.
When they lean against it, it will break. When they reach out for it, it will not hold them up.
Such people are like a vine that gets plenty of water and sunshine, and its branches spread throughout the garden.
Its roots spread among the rocks, searching for good soil.
But if you move it, it will die, and no one can tell it was ever there.
Everything might have been going well, but another vine will take its place.
God does not support evil people, and he does not abandon the innocent.
So perhaps you might laugh again. Maybe shouts of joy will come from your lips.
Maybe your enemies will be humiliated and the homes of the wicked destroyed.”

Father, I am only “innocent” because of your Son. Thank you for never abandoning me, even when I more or less abandoned myself! Thank you for being the source and fulfillment of my HOPE, the reason for my living and breathing and continuing forward. Sustain me with your Holy Breath, oh Lord. Lead me forward and show me plainly if ever I start to wander from the way you would have me to walk. Lift me up high, Lord. Not for others to see me and take note, but rather so that I may be closer to you, even HID in you. Protected. Nurtured. Safe. Thank you for the joy that is in my heart and the peace that is in my life. Thank you for this awesome warm weather! 😀


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