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Dec 22

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for the awesome night of sleep, and thank you for my new work structure and focus! Please guide me in my work today, and help me to find a balance between art, website building, and other tasks. Please help me to develop a healthy balance between input and output, and between time on and off the computer. Help me to let go of my handicap of feeling like I have to be “loyal” to one task by NOT working on anything else while it remains unfinished. Help me to walk forward into new work health, being able to let go of things, work on other things, and come back to the ones that were waiting to be finished. Perhaps I could call this “healthy postponement”. It is something I seem to be unable to master without your help, Lord. I trust you, Shepherd. You will teach me everything I need to know. Amen!

Psalm 119:97-106 ERV

Oh, how I love your teachings! I talk about them all the time.
Your commands are always with me, and they make me wiser than my enemies.
I am wiser than all my teachers, because I study your rules.
I understand more than those who are older, because I obey your instructions.
I have avoided every path that leads to evil so that I could obey your word.
You are my teacher, so I will always do whatever you decide.
Your words are so sweet to me, like the taste of honey!

I gain understanding from your instructions, so I hate anything that leads people the wrong way.
Your word is like a lamp that guides my steps, a light that shows the path I should take.
Your laws are good and fair. I have promised to obey them, and I will keep my promise.

Father, I lift my husband up to you and ask that you lead him into the joy of your presence. Help him to let go of his own handicaps and fly FREE, embracing you, leaning on you, trusting you. I lift my daughter up to you and ask that you show me and my husband how to prepare her for her own independence. I do not know how to help her, Lord, other than to minister to her in my own home. I do not know how to grow her feathers, Lord. Only you can do that. Give her courage, and give her motivation toward whatever goal you have set for her. I trust you to let me know my own part in her life, beyond what I am doing already, which doesn’t SEEM to be enough. I give my husband and my children to you, Lord. I trust you with them, as I trust you with my own heart. Amen.


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