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I shall yet learn, and grow beyond the immaturity of adulthood. I shall again laugh, and learn the wisdom of a child.

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Dec 17

Wow! I almost missed a day! It’s been almost an entire year, and I almost didn’t post on one of the last few days, lol. Well, no biggie, my bad. It just was a crazy day. The high today was supposed to be 71 and the low 17, and when I got up, my husband encouraged me to go to the store ASAP, stay ahead of the incoming cold front. So I walked up to Walmart before even eating breakfast, then when I got back, he wanted me to cook him some food, so I made his, then mine… and in the process I forgot my daily post! Well, let’s see what awesome verses my Shepherd has for me this cold, cold evening…

Psalm 147 ERV

Praise the LORD because he is good. Sing praises to our God. It is good and pleasant to praise him.
The LORD rebuilds Jerusalem. He brings back the Israelites who were taken as prisoners.
He heals their broken hearts and bandages their wounds.
He counts the stars and knows each of them by name.
Our Lord is great and powerful. There is no limit to what he knows.
The LORD supports the humble, but he shames the wicked.
Give thanks to the LORD. Praise our God with harps.
He fills the sky with clouds. He sends rain to the earth. He makes the grass grow on the mountains.
He gives food to the animals. He feeds the young birds that cry out.
War horses and powerful soldiers are not what he cares about.
The LORD enjoys people who worship him and trust in his faithful love.
Jerusalem, praise the LORD! Zion, praise your God!
He makes your gates strong, and he blesses the people in your city.
He brought peace to your country, so you have plenty of grain for food.
He gives a command to the earth, and it quickly obeys.
He makes the snow fall until the ground is as white as wool. He makes sleet blow through the air like dust.
He makes hail fall like rocks from the sky. No one can stand the cold he sends.
Then he gives another command, and warm air begins to blow. The ice melts, and water begins to flow.

He gave his commands to Jacob. He gave his laws and rules to Israel.
He did not do this for any other nation. He did not teach his laws to other people. Praise the LORD!

I love this awesome testament to both the power and the gentleness of our God! He can destroy, He can obliterate… but often, He chooses to heal and to warm, instead. What are we, small creatures on this tiny planet in the vastness of this huge cosmos, that the creator of all this would care for each of us, individually, intimately? He wakes me when I need to get up, He warns me when I need to hold my tongue, He gives me joy and courage and diligence and peace. He sustains little me, one tiny person on this huge earth during the huge timeframe that is the centuries of mankind. Father, help me to still look boldly to you for my help, knowing that you are merciful and it is only because you are so merciful, that you care for me. Thank you for the blessing of your Son and the way He made for us to come to you. Help me to worship you with my life, and to always trust in your faithful love, so that I may please you, my Lord. Amen!


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