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Dec 15

Good morning, Father.
Thank you for reminding me this morning to start the day with gratitude, to help chase away those worries! Thank you for caring for me, holding me up when I feel weak and faint, either inside or outside. Thank you for working with my husband and children, even when I see no obvious evidence of change. I trust you, Lord. I know that I can trust you to bring about growth in each of us in your own way, in your own timing — and that I can trust you to take awesome good care of us at all times! Thank you, faithful Shepherd.

Luke 19:20-26 ERV

“Then another servant came in and said to the king, ‘Sir, here is your bag of money. I wrapped it in a piece of cloth and hid it.
I was afraid of you because you are a hard man. You even take money that you didn’t earn and gather food that you didn’t grow.’
“Then the king said to him, ‘What a bad servant you are! I will use your own words to condemn you. You said that I am a hard man. You said that I even take money that I didn’t earn and gather food that I didn’t grow.
If that is true, you should have put my money in the bank. Then, when I came back, my money would have earned some interest.’
Then the king said to the men who were watching, ‘Take the bag of money away from this servant and give it to the servant who earned ten bags of money.’
“The men said to the king, ‘But sir, that servant already has ten bags of money.’
“The king said, ‘People who use what they have will get more. But those who do not use what they have will have everything taken away from them.

Lord, please show me how to more wisely and more faithfully use the things you have blessed me with. Teach me to be a better stewardess of my own body, and mind, and time, and faith. Point out to me the forgotten corners of my storehouses, and show me what things need to be cleaned out and what things need to be restored and built up. Give me wisdom and humility and willingness, that I may better serve you and do things your way, in your timing. I give to you this day and whatever I have within me, Lord. Amen!


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